My First Month as a Realtor


Hey there :) Matt here. I’ve officially been in the real estate business for just over a month now, and I thought this would be a great time to check in and let you know how it’s going. And IT. IS. GOING. You can see my first post in this realtor blog series—in which I talk all about why I decided to get my real estate license—right here!

Quick note: if you’re reading this because you’re looking to become a realtor, just shoot me an email and I’ll tell you all the things that I wish someone had told me, and help you out where I can!

Due in large part to a lot of luck and in also-large-part to some really helpful connections and referrals, my first month as a realtor has been pretty successful. In just that one month of being active, I’ve put three houses under contract, plus I have two additional clients for whom I’m actively writing offers—which is, I have to say, wildly busy for a rookie. Frankly it’s been a little overwhelming having to learn very very quickly how to navigate all of the intricate details of the industry, while still juggling all of our blog work. Good news is I thrive when I don’t have a lot of down time. You could say I’m at peak thrive right now.

But here’s some piping hot tea: something they don’t teach you in real estate school is just how much they’re not teaching you. I learned all about adjustable-rate mortgages and the basics of contractual obligations, but how to write an attractive offer? Nada. But thankfully between my mom (a realtor of 20 years) and my broker (Keller Williams, Metairie office), I’ve got a whole network of resources that have helped me to do my job as if I’m way more experienced than I actually am.

That’s sort of been a theme for me my whole life—taking on projects that I know will be challenging or that I’m not the best candidate for. Beau brought that to my attention last week in what may have been the sweetest backhanded compliment I’ve ever received: he said, “You work really hard to do a good job on things you’re not naturally very good at.” That’s pretty accurate. I’ve gotten comfortable with discomfort, where resourcefulness rather than experience is my strongest tool to do a good job when it’s only the first or second time I’ve done the thing. Ideally, in the future, my resourcefulness will stay as strong as it is while my experience grows, and then I can take over the world or something.

That said, this crash course of a month has led me to all sorts of unique and specialized real estate scenarios. I’ve handled predicated offers, less-than-stellar inspection reports, offers on foreclosed/REO properties, lease listings, showing blighted would-be construction projects, and multiple multiple-offer situations. I’ve about run the gamut. Which is to say, hey, I’m definitely way more experienced than I was when I started.

Over on the marketing side of the business, I’m doing my best to be a cool realtor and not push y’all too much to follow my real estate pages with tired phrases like “Hello sir/madam, are you looking to buy or sell?” But … if you are looking to buy or sell, check out this page or download my app and let me know how I can help. In the mean time, want a free tip? Here goes, and this one is for all you renters: lots of people don’t know that homeownership could be a realistic option for them, but with federal programs like FHA, and even with some creative conventional mortgages, you can sometimes buy your first home with low or no down payment. Step one of buying a home is going to be talking to a lender to see what you’d be pre-approved for, so hit me up 📩 for recommendations on that!

And that’s all for now! There’s some more exciting news coming up, but that’s…coming up!

And one last time in case you ignored it above: If you’re like “I’m just here because I maybe kinda want to get started in real estate, too.”

reach out to me and let me convince you to do it. I like it a lot and I think it’s a relatively risk-free way to start your own small business. As someone who’s already started a different kind of small business with a lot of risk attached, I can highly recommend real estate for people who are tired of working for someone else. If you’re on the fence or don’t know how to get started, let me help you out.

That’s all for now. :)
Have a great week,



Beginning a Career in Real Estate


Hi! I'm a Realtor now! The whole process has been, frankly, much easier than I ever really thought it would be, but I’m also told that everything will change once I actually get started seriously working in the business. That remains to be seen, will update later.

So, I’m starting this new series about why and how I’m starting a real estate business. And maybe for you that can translate into why and how you can, if that sounds like something you're interested in. And maybe you just really like me and want to know what's up with me! If so, wow, thank you. Anyway, hope you enjoy it, and now let’s get started with

Why transition into real estate?

Well, one, I freaking love looking at houses. I also love designing them and hanging out in them and cooking in them and going over to yours and you coming over to mine. My mom has been a realtor for the last 20 years so I grew up touring and measuring houses since way before I knew what a mortgage was. Beau and I look at places on the market constantly, even though we’re not actively looking to buy. We were at one time, prior to realizing we actually didn't want that commitment quite yet; check out our house hunting series (on hiatus) here.

So I've always had an interest in the market, but what made me finally make the move to get into it was just realizing how easily it could fit into my schedule, how perfectly it would complement my existing business and career goals, and how simple the process of getting licensed could be. And that's why I'm doing this whole thing! 

Side note: if you want to further support me (and get updates along the way), it's very appreciated! You can follow my new Instagram page @armatohome or go like my Facebook page.

But also:

The more I looked into real estate the more I realized, hey, this doesn't need to just be a separate side career. It'll totally fit right into the rest of the "Probably This" brand umbrella, benefitting it and benefitting from it. Y'all know Beau and I live for design, and if we're ever going to be the Chip & Jo of Louisiana we're obviously going to need a real estate branch of our business. That was a joke (kind of) but I'm seriously interested in establishing a home renovation business to couple with this real estate aspect, and one day Probably This will be your one-stop shop for all your home service needs. Weird, huh? But exciting!

Plus, there's this: the internet and social media is changing way faster than the real estate industry is. The way young people like to get information today isn't the same way real estate professionals put their info out there. No shade on my older colleagues, but people even just 10 years older than me in my career development classes talk about Instagram like it's a harsh alien landscape. That's part of why I think there's a huge breakdown in real estate information for people like me, in my age group. So since I'm entering into this new business with an established audience of digital natives, I feel like I'm in a great place to be available and approachable for a ton of folks in my age range—who may be first time home buyers or perhaps considering a similar career shift and want to just pick my brain.

Side note: I'm only licensed in Louisiana, because that's how real estate licensing works, but you can still ask me for real estate help no matter where you live (well, in the U.S. & Canada)—I hate to completely sound like I drank the Kool-aid, but my my brokerage Keller-Williams is awesome and has a database of agents all over that I'm now connected with. So if you're in Miami or Anchorage or Boston, etc,  I can hook you up with someone local who can work with you.

what now?

I've been licensed just two weeks and I've already got three clients, including my first listing! So that's cute as heck, right? I think it is! I'm loving this business so far, and if it's something you're interested in following along with (either if you might want to work with me some day, or if you just think I'm a cute dork and you want to see me shine) you can check out my new Realtor Instagram, @armatohome, or go and like my business Facebook page, Matt Armato Home. Any and all support is so so appreciated.