Beginning a Career in Real Estate


Hi! I'm a Realtor now! The whole process has been, frankly, much easier than I ever really thought it would be, but I’m also told that everything will change once I actually get started seriously working in the business. That remains to be seen, will update later.

So, I’m starting this new series about why and how I’m starting a real estate business. And maybe for you that can translate into why and how you can, if that sounds like something you're interested in. And maybe you just really like me and want to know what's up with me! If so, wow, thank you. Anyway, hope you enjoy it, and now let’s get started with

Why transition into real estate?

Well, one, I freaking love looking at houses. I also love designing them and hanging out in them and cooking in them and going over to yours and you coming over to mine. My mom has been a realtor for the last 20 years so I grew up touring and measuring houses since way before I knew what a mortgage was. Beau and I look at places on the market constantly, even though we’re not actively looking to buy. We were at one time, prior to realizing we actually didn't want that commitment quite yet; check out our house hunting series (on hiatus) here.

So I've always had an interest in the market, but what made me finally make the move to get into it was just realizing how easily it could fit into my schedule, how perfectly it would complement my existing business and career goals, and how simple the process of getting licensed could be. And that's why I'm doing this whole thing! 

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But also:

The more I looked into real estate the more I realized, hey, this doesn't need to just be a separate side career. It'll totally fit right into the rest of the "Probably This" brand umbrella, benefitting it and benefitting from it. Y'all know Beau and I live for design, and if we're ever going to be the Chip & Jo of Louisiana we're obviously going to need a real estate branch of our business. That was a joke (kind of) but I'm seriously interested in establishing a home renovation business to couple with this real estate aspect, and one day Probably This will be your one-stop shop for all your home service needs. Weird, huh? But exciting!

Plus, there's this: the internet and social media is changing way faster than the real estate industry is. The way young people like to get information today isn't the same way real estate professionals put their info out there. No shade on my older colleagues, but people even just 10 years older than me in my career development classes talk about Instagram like it's a harsh alien landscape. That's part of why I think there's a huge breakdown in real estate information for people like me, in my age group. So since I'm entering into this new business with an established audience of digital natives, I feel like I'm in a great place to be available and approachable for a ton of folks in my age range—who may be first time home buyers or perhaps considering a similar career shift and want to just pick my brain.

Side note: I'm only licensed in Louisiana, because that's how real estate licensing works, but you can still ask me for real estate help no matter where you live (well, in the U.S. & Canada)—I hate to completely sound like I drank the Kool-aid, but my my brokerage Keller-Williams is awesome and has a database of agents all over that I'm now connected with. So if you're in Miami or Anchorage or Boston, etc,  I can hook you up with someone local who can work with you.

what now?

I've been licensed just two weeks and I've already got three clients, including my first listing! So that's cute as heck, right? I think it is! I'm loving this business so far, and if it's something you're interested in following along with (either if you might want to work with me some day, or if you just think I'm a cute dork and you want to see me shine) you can check out my new Realtor Instagram, @armatohome, or go and like my business Facebook page, Matt Armato Home. Any and all support is so so appreciated.